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Samsung Family Fridge Reinvented

Samsung Family Fridge Reinvented

By Amy Eller and Richard Sherwin

Did Samsung Just reinvent the Refrigerator?

A bunch of reporters and industry analysts were treated to the preview of the next clash of the manufacturing titans.


This time it was Samsung claiming to be bigger and better than LG. The two behemoths matched features, prices and tried one-upmanship in the TV and mobile phone categories, while they actually make more money from their major appliances.


The new $6,000 Samsung Family Hub™ Refrigerator has a 21.5 inch full HD LCD screen, a digital command center connecting to your iOs or Android smart phone. Now you can share calendars, photos and notes and see the inside of your fridge with your smartphone while grocery shopping. The Family Hub™ has speakers; you can listen to your favorite music and never miss a moment of Jeopardy again, just because you have to baste.


Freud suggests the kitchen is the womb and so the fridge becomes the center of our universe and food is a metaphor to fulfill and gratify our hunger for love and desires.  The Samsung Family Hub™takes our already complex relationship with food and comingles it with technology.


In the movie HER, Theodore Twombly/Joaquin Phoenix falls madly in love with his computer, Samantha/Scarlet Johanssen knowing that everything he loves about HER was made in a factory.


We get it. This fridge can keep track of schedules, photos, artwork, tap into the Internet, check news and weather and connect you to:

  • Instacart – The leading national online grocery delivery service, delivering groceries from your favorite stores straight to your door in as little as one hour.
  • Groceries by MasterCard – Order groceries online from leading retailers like Fresh Direct and ShopRite and pay for them through a simple, single check-out with any U.S.-issued credit or debit card.
  • Allrecipes – Access recipes rated and reviewed by millions of cooks, as well as cooking advice tips and how-to videos.
  • Shopping List – Compile and keep track of your grocery lists, which seamlessly sync between fridge and smartphone.
  • Food Reminders – Use the Family Hub™ screen or your smartphone to drag and drop expiration dates to the image of items inside to know what needs to be used, and by when.
  • Fridge Manager – Easily control the refrigerator and freezer temperatures, and check the status of the water filter.


We are feeling an attachment already. For our $6K and an Amazon Prime delivery of fingerprint cleaner for the stainless or black stainless finish, what we really want to know is, can someone hack our fridge and have it squeal on who took the last cupcake? Will the fridge support us in the latest diet regime?  Is this refrigerator really our friend?


What about privacy? Under the guise of when will the milk expire will I have to put a security lock on my notes and calendars? Have I gone too far? Never mind what could happen to our relationship if the power goes out. Who will I get to fix it? Only Theodore Twombly knows for sure.


The Samsung Family Hub™ Refrigerator (model RF28K9580SR) is now available in a Black Stainless Steel design in a Counter Depth size ($5,999.99) and Full Depth size a few dollars less. But who is counting?